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Best BJJ practitioner EVER! 

Dropped 20lbs within two months and I’m proud but temptation keeps knocking at my door. Funny cause I always crack just a little bit during the whole process. Honestly when people say you need small breaks like once a week I am a firm believer but I also need an enforcer to say STOP FATASS! Which would put me back into focus and keep dropping my weight instead of playing touch and go! I touch my goal and get pushed back… touch my goal and get pushed back! I just need to keep disciplining myself and keep placing goals in front of my self to stay on the train. 

I want to be the BEST JIU JITSU practitioner and martial artist! 

Bjj Training Daily

Hey Gabe what is the nearest school in southern Maryland? 

Hmm… about forty five minutes to and hour away! Can you say,”super super far!” A lot people would disagree and make the drive because they are single or have only few responsibilities. But as a competitor with a family of four that doesn’t fly so well with the wife or in general. Working from eight to five some times later, while my wife Elishah doesn’t work and stays home all day is pretty challenging. I honestly always do my best to have my energy at a all time high everyday when it comes to work or the family so order is kept amongst the mix. But your scratching your head thinking,”when do you train?” I train in between it all! It took awhile to get organized around my shcedule. 

My day doesn’t start at seven thirty to get ready for work. My day starts at five in the morning with my daily three mile run. Road work is key to any competition I don’t care what people say,”but there are alternative to running.” Yes there are but I’ve grown into the habit ever since I was in elementary school. Than I train at lunch time with strength and conditioning. Circuits that usually last thirty to forty minutes straight with minimal breaks to keep the heart rate at a all time high, as people stare at me weird cause they never seen what hard work looks like. Than last but not least at eight’O clock I’m utilizing my drilling dummy to constantly beat the moves into my brain. Than I repeat that over and over. I bet you have a lot of questions cause you are thinking,”why don’t you just have a partner to roll with or teach?” Well with me recently moving here not knowing anyone who would take the path of jiu jitsu, finding a partner takes time and a lot of patience. For now I train alone and compete alone. 😳

Destructive Paradise

Destructive paradise is a brand I have been putting some thought into and wanted to finally make it real. I created this blog in order to bring it to life by giving insight to my future followers or promoters out there. How destructive paradise came up as a brand I believe that would be successful because of all the different martial artist out there and how we are hidden to public eye. For example, Picture yourself walking on the piers of San Francisco making your way through the countless crowds of tourist and vendors. When suddenly a complete stranger not paying attention collides with you on your path. Not know who this person is you angrily say some pretty harsh comment about how he/she needs to watch out. That person respectfully apologizes and goes about their business. Now what you did not know he/she is a first degree black belt in Taekwondo, Jiu-jitsu, and specialized in Muay-thai. You do not have any skills or background, but you watched enough kung fu movies and UFC episodes you think your fully equipped. A real martial artist does not need to prove how tough they are or what they know because they have stored years of learning basic core values. Core values such as respect, courage, focus, positivity, leadership, confidence, and self-discipline.

Back to the meaning of destructive paradise. As a martial artist we portray our self as calm and collected as the ocean, but we also bring destruction if tampered with. Destructive paradise is a brand for all martial arts not just one.